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New Jersey Health Foundation supports exciting health-related research and education programs in New Jersey.



Programs Supporting the Advancement of Research and Innovation

Research Grants Program

New Jersey Health Foundation provides grants up to $35,000 each to fund research projects at affiliated organizations. These projects demonstrate exciting potential and the research grants help applicants qualify for larger grants from other organizations to further advance their research.

Applications will be accepted from 9/16/2019 through 11/8/2019.

Innovation Grants Program

Foundation for Health Advancement provides grants of up to $50,000 each  to researchers at organizations affiliated with New Jersey Health Foundation who have promising ideas that may lead to developing patents or other intellectual property.

Foundation Venture Capital Group

Foundation Venture Capital Group invests up to $500,000 each for researchers at organizations affiliated with New Jersey Health Foundation to stimulate commercialization for start-up companies involved in emerging health-related research and technology.

Working Together to Advance Research and Innovation in NJ

Foundation Venture Capital Group makes private equity investments in health-related start-up companies at organizations affiliated with New Jersey Health Foundation.

The Foundation for Health Advancement fuels the innovation of researchers and students at affiliated organizations.  Through our Innovation Grants Program, we support researchers who have great ideas, but need funding and support to continue to develop their ideas into viable solutions to address health-related needs.


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